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Castlevania: Nocturne - Season 1 Episode 6 "Guilty Men Will Be Judged" Recap and Review

Castlevania: Nocturne - Season 1 Episode 6 "Guilty Men Will Be Judged" Recap and Review

to judge the guilty
At the beginning of Castlevania: Nocturne Season 1 Episode 6, Erzsébet Bathory, the Messiah, finally appears. However, before this, Annette is shown attempting to confront her father, Abbott. Drolta, the Messiah's representative, is watching.

When the Messiah finally arrives, the vampires and other creatures of the night who have been waiting for her treat her like a queen.

Shortly thereafter, Erzsébet delivers a monologue in which she expresses her desire to kill Ra, the Sun. She insists that she no longer has to fear the sun as a result. This is followed by the revelation that Ra is actually his biological father. The Messiah is described as the incarnation of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet.

We now come to Richter, who is having a confrontation with his grandfather. Next, her grandfather tells her his tragic story, in which his wife and best friend were murdered by a vampire. As the most powerful wizard of the Belmont family, he also describes the deep impact of losing his magical abilities.

After this Annette comes to the center and calls Cecil and her ancestors. Cecil begins to understand something when Annette expresses her frustrations at Richter. She also encourages Annette to pay attention to her ancestors because they have something to offer beyond useless nonsense.

Edouard, now a revolutionary, comes on stage, talking with Jack. It's encouraging to know that Jack has some memories of his past and that Edouard isn't the only emotional nocturnal creature.

This is followed by a touching scene between Richter and his grandfather. Soon after, his grandfather excuses himself to pee. The vampires then attack and tie up Richter's grandfather. Maria, Terra and Annette are among those filling in Richter's thoughts. At this point, Richter gains control of the magic and slaughters the vampires.

episode review
In this episode, we finally meet the long-awaited messiah Erzsébet Bathory. Additionally, we learn the tragic story of Richter's grandfather. The episode ends with a surprise battle, the winner of which is Richter, who regains his magical powers and gains superhuman strength.

This episode has one of the best fight scenes we have ever seen. The visuals, lighting and animation of the scene are all captivating.

Every episode of the show, including this episode, features action sequences and heartfelt moments alike. Ollerox explains why he killed Julia Belmont, Annette and Cécile have an eye-opening conversation, and Richter develops a closer relationship with his grandfather.

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